La Palabra de Dios en ti puede hacerte más inteligente


prayer to pass exam holy gem

You’ll go out to fulfill your destiny. you will go out to manifest the glory of God in the name of Jesus.

Pastor John coming to you live on Facebook on our on our platform Take authority where we take authority to exercise authority. so tonight I want you to prepare your hearts because we are about to take authority in the name of.

  • A la edad de doce años se unió a la iglesia bautista.
  • Redactó la petición y visitó personalmente a los legisladores en Columbus, instando a su aprobación.
  • Jasper pronto fue llamado a predicar en la Tercera Iglesia Bautista en Petersburgo.
  • En 1872, después de muchos años de formación en la escuela sabática, fue nombrado secretario.
  • En 1853, la convención nacional de hombres de color se reunió en Siracusa.
  • Redactó una constitución de la «Liga Nacional por la Igualdad de Derechos», que hizo tanto para instruir y controlar a nuestro pueblo.

Nunca pierdas de vista lo realmente importante Los exámenes son temporales. Pero servir y buscar a Dios tiene valor para la eternidad.

Samaria and cut off the supply they did not enter into the city. They see that they are surrounded them with great Amen. so the Samaria no one was able to come out. No one, I was able to go in Hallelujah and the Bible said when they see them so long, they started eating their own children. donkey were selling for 80 seconds um.

prayer to pass exam holy gem

That was nothing became very expensive. It was like we were locked down in this pandemic. Nothing was going on nothing was coming in this one the situation that the people of the area where san pancracio a facing to I don’t know how the enemy has beseech you and not by the rise of the anointing by the power of the Holy Spirit. any Bessie tonight, it must be destroyed in the name of Jesus.

prayer to pass exam holy gem

uh second Kings Chapter seven verse one, the Bible said, then, Elijah said hear the word of the Lord God says the lord tomorrow about this time and see of fine flower shall be sold for a shocker and. Pussy of Bali for a shake at the gate of Samaria at the gate of Samaria so verse two so an officer on who’s the king Lean and the man of God and said, Look in the lord will make windows in heaven. could this be people of God will set a miracle working God God. Impossibility is the catalyst for his breakthrough when there is impossible that this world we see the glory of God, the Bible says, it’s that can this be the man of God said to him. in fact, you shall see it with your eyes, but you shall not eat or it hallelujah verse three, the Bible says Now there were four laps men at the entrance of the gates of Samaria.

Se me permite reconocer que la vida es dura, pero a través de mi sufrimiento, veo a Dios.

Why are we sitting here until we’re done because people are dying in the in the city. people are suffering because they have been a settlement people oraciones a la virgen maria will eat your own children and the left the lamps we also hustling and the Bible said the answer said. Why are we sitting here until we die?

I have nothing to lose that is our team tonight because nothing will hold you back. No will frustrate your life, Not demon will tell you that you have you are you are bound to fail because Christ has risen. Therefore, san jose you are born to win in the name of Jesus, according to second case Chapter seven verse one I read the Bible said that Elisha this is the background story the people that the king of Syria came to.

You are about to take Dominion you are about to exercise your authority on this earth anything that have dominated you to now you will dominated by fire by tender in the name of Jesus bless you. This is a lord to bless you my honorable wife Hallelujah Tonight I am I am dealing with I have nothing to lose Hallelujah I have my titles, I have nothing san alejo to lose people of God. It is very important for you to come to a point that you have nothing to lose. I read from the book of second case Second case Chapter seven Hallelujah Second Kings Chapter seven verse a refund verse one tonight I want you to share this broadcast. I want you to share this video because it’s going to change somebody.

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